17th ASC | Conference Presentations & Materials

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  1. Abstract 1 – A Descriptive Study on the Quality of Child Care at Informal DayCares of Karagita, Naivasha
  2. Abstract 3 – Gestational Age Assessment and Preterm Birth
  3. Abstract 4 – KAPs Regarding Premature Birth in Kisii County
  4. Abstract 7 – Comparing Treatment Outcomes of Standard Inpatient & Outpatient Management of Severe Malnutrition
  5. Abstract 9 – Innovative Approach to Paediatric Nutrition
  6. Abstract 14 – Initiation of the Childhood Acute Illnesses & Nutrition (CHAIN) Network
  7. Abstract 15 – Antibiotic Prescribing Patterns Among Paediatric Inpatients at Nyeri County Referral Hospital done
  8. Abstract 16 – Daily Co-Trimoxazole Prophylaxis Amongst Children with Complicated Severe Acute Malnutrition
  9. Abstract 19 – Antibiotic Prescribing Practices in Paediatrics Septic Shock in Tertiary Care Hospital in a Resource Limited Setting
  10. Abstract 20 – Prevalence, Clinical Management and Outcome of Neonatal Dehydration Across 13 Hospitals in Kenya
  11. Abstract 21 – Good Performance of Sickle Cell Scan as a POC Device for Rapid Diagnosis of Sickle Cell Disease
  12. Abstract 22 – Paediatrician’s Role in Early Diagnosis of Infants and Young Children with Early Signs of Communication Disorders, Swallowing and Feeding Difficulties, Voice Disorders and Syndromes
  13. Abstract 26 -Prevalence and Management of Septic Shock Among Children Admited at KNH
  14. Abstract 27 – Effects of Disclosure on Retention to HIV Care and the Treatment Among Adolescents Aged 10-19yrs in Nyeri County
  15. Abstract 30 – Prevalence, Barriers and Facilitators of Age Appropriate Transition from Paediatric to Adult Care among HIV Infected Adolescents at KNH
  16. Abstract 31 – Factors Associated with Rotavirus Positive Diarrhoea in teh Post-Vaccine Period as Seen at MTRH
  17. Abstract 34 – Myocardial Injury as Revealed by Cardiac TroponinT in Children on Cancer Chemotherapy
  18. Abstract 35 – In Search of a Denominator, Making Audits Meaningful
  19. Abstract 36 – Micro Research Survey of Paretns and Guardians KAPs on Under Nutrition of Children Aged 6mnths – 5yrs at Mama Lucy Hospital
  20. Abstract 37 – Birth Weights of Term Newborns Delivered in Western Kenya, at JOOTRH
  21. Abstract 38 – Update of Delivery Services in Public Health Facilities in Kericho
  22. Abstract 40 – Quality of Life Among Children with Sickle Cell Disease at JOOTRH
  23. Abstract 41 – Active Case Finding for Tuberculosis Among Malnourished Children below 5yrs
  24. Abstract 43 – Autism Spectrum Disorder Early Intervention Using New Therapies
  25. Abstract 45 – The Impact of a Medical and Nutrition Outreach Program for Children Located in Hard to Reach Areas in Laikipia County
  26. Abstract 46 – The Spectrum of Pathologies Found in Bone Marrow Amongst Children Below 18yrs at KNH
  27. Abstract 47 – Understanding the Community’s KAPs in Prevention & Management of Malaria in Matongo
  28. Abstract 49 – Compliance with National Guidelines on Disposal of Solid Biomedical Waste
  29. Abstract 50 – Failure to Thrive – is Food Allergy a Culprit
  30. Abstract 53 – Cost Effectiveness of Biomarkers Asissted Antibiotic Therapy DONE
  31. Abstract 54 – First Line AntiMicrobials in Children with Complicated Severe Acute Malnutrition
  32. Abstract 56 – Antibiotic Resistance Patterns among Commensal E.Coli in Children under 5 yrs Discharged from 2 Referral Hospitals in Nyanza
  33. Abstract 57 – Newborn Screenig for Sickle Cell Disease at Kisumu County Hospital
  34. Abstract 58 – Clinical Profile and Audit of Clinical Care of Preterm Infants wtih Respiratory Distress Syndrome at KNH
  35. Abstract 59 – Bridging the Gap Betweent the Caregive and Adolescent on Sexual Reproductive Health
  36. Abstract 60 – Burden of Anaemia among Children aged 6-59 months at Alupe Sub-County Hospital
  37. Abstract 65 – Hearts to Hearts – A Multi-professional Advocacy for Rheumatic Heart Disease Prevention & Management in UG County
  38. Abstract 69 – Edited Role of Procalcitonin in the Management of Antibiotic Therapy
  39. Abstract 74 – Case Report of a 2 year old Boy with Malnutrition & Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media
  40. Abstract 75 – Early Vs late eneteral feeding in neonates with perinatal asphyxia Dr Musyoka KPA Poster

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